Be Creative.

Creative variety: from timeless classics to cutting-edge home style trends, the new collection offers extensive freedom of design for individual interiors. Featuring easy-care plain colours, dining tables can be set stylishly every day, with unusual patterns and motif prints such as expansive floral prints creating a unique atmosphere. Tumbled fabrics provide for an exceedingly casual look while heavy plain linen in greyed pastels injects some fresh cosiness into a Scandinavian style. Let yourself be inspired by our wide range of basic qualities, washes, finishes and designs.


An exotic touch: energetic shades of green and Caribbean motifs featuring toucans, pineapples, hibiscus and palm leaves transform your home into an oasis of well-being. Various fabrics such as ramie, mezzo panama, cotton twill or embroidery and opposing designs ranging from small patterns to large ornaments ensure an
all-round lively atmosphere – activating and inspiring.


Pleasantly profound: lush indigo in its manifold shades from blue to pale violet radiates tranquillity and permits expressive interior design. With shibori effects and subdued, yellow colour highlights, imaginative embroidery or tumbled linen with an ajour look, indigo reveals its various perspectives – diverse and calming.


Relaxed feel-good style: bright, neutral grey, white and beige tones create a light-flooded ambience reminiscent of summer residences in the Hamptons. Embroidery and jacquards with stylishly restrained motifs such as grass, petals and ornaments as well as the casual look of tumbled linen round off the summery holiday atmosphere – casual and elegant.



Pure joie de vivre: these radiant red hues – from burnt orange through hibiscus to pink – awaken all the senses. Depending on the colour composition – whether tone in tone, with strong contrasts or with highlights in violet and green – a variety of strong ambiences can be achieved. This exciting look is rounded off by jacquards and prints with expansive summer motifs – fruity, flowery and colourful.