Be Creative.

Holiday spirit: the right decorations set the scene for a good atmosphere – and joyful anticipation ahead of the holiday season. Whether playful motif prints with Easter eggs, bunnies and carrots, purist outline embroidery or elegant floral designs, there‘s something for everyone. From tablecloths, placemats and cushions to accessories such as egg cosies, wonderful products are available for your own home or as gifts. Cheerful and festive.


Refreshing change: winter is over and the first buds are sprouting – time to tune your home for spring. With textile highlights in mint, light green and pink, nature is brought in from outside. Floral and Easter motif prints on mezzo panama, combined with casual heavy linen and multi-colour jacquards, conjure up a unique spring feeling – cheerful and vitalising.


Refreshing look: friendly mid-blue blows a pleasant spring breeze through each room with additional freshness achieved by colour highlights in lime. Tumbled plain linen, textured jacquards and stylish ornaments give rise to a modern and fresh look. With purist outline embroidery featuring various bunny motifs, homes are perfectly decorated for Easter – harmonious and tasteful.


Graceful delicateness: pastel hues such as chalky rosé, mauve and taupe combined with elegant champagne and off-white transform your surroundings into a mellow dream home. The arrangement of lightweight plaids, expressive jacquards and heavy plain linen is a visual and haptic experience. The delicate overall picture is rounded off by minimalistic and playful flower and Easter motifs – inspiring and sensual.